2021 talks

2022 Programme coming soon!

day one



Join Luke for the opening address of the first ever Kent Coffee Festival. Luke will be discussing why now is the time for this festival in Kent, the challenges of putting together an event in a COVID landscape and a brief overview of his journey into speciality followed by a Q&A


Luke Underdown, Garage coffee







13:30 | Why good water will change your coffee


Will's talk will help both the new and the experienced barista understand how to OPTIMISE their local water so as to protect equipment and still to maximise extraction, flavour and aroma.

We all know water is more than 90% of any black coffee so it makes sense to know how to avoid the wrong type of water, which can lead to flat flavours, thin crema and a lack of brightness in the cup.

As Will likes to say – “all Limescale is Scale but not all Scale is Limescale!” Be there on Friday at 13:30 to make him explain what on earth he is talking about!

Will Hinton, National Sales Manager, BWT UK Limited




14:30 | Panel debate: Sustainability in the coffee industry & impacts of COVID-19


A look at the lasting impacts of the last 18 months on the coffee industry. Dan will be talking to industry professionals about sustainability in their business, the difficulties faced amid the pandemic and how they are moving forward in a sustainable way.


Dan Harvey, La Marzocco

Lee Ashby, Smiths Coffee Company
Sam Howard, Garage Coffee

Will Pitts, FORTS


15:30 | Diversifying your coffee shop - increasing your revenue streams


John Brown, Coffee Operations Ltd

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day two

Has COVID-19 changed the coffee shop landscape? | 10:30

An interview with a coffee shop owner about what’s changed over the last 18 months and how coffee shops have had to adapt, how they have changed  their business, the positives to have come out of it and a look forward to what is to come.


HOST Dan Harvey, La Marzocco
Tereza Vertatova, Co-Founder & Director, Curve Coffee

Ben Royston-Bishop, Pop-Up Cafe

Panel debate: How important are seasonal trends? | 12:30

A discussion about seasonality, and what that means in the hospitality industry. Should we all be more conscious about seasonality and is eating seasonally more sustainable?

HOST | Josh Brown, Coffee Operations Ltd
Stefano Cuomo, Chief Executive Officer, Macknade Fine Foods
Rosie spencer, Garage Coffee

Where to start when opening a coffee shop | 13:30

Josh Brown, Coffee Operations Ltd

Interview: Coffee & tea - why buying good coffee & tea is more important than ever | 14:30

An interview with two local coffee & tea companies about what is ‘good’ and why we should be buying it? Also the challenges of buying commodities during a pandemic, and the impact it’s had at origin.


Host | Alice Underdown, Garage Coffee / Kent Coffee Festival
Louisa Johnson, Co-founder & tea sommelier, Debonair Tea
Luke Gilbert, &Bloss

Interview: Women in Coffee | 15:30

An interview between two women in coffee! A discussion about what it is like to forge a career in the speciality industry as a woman, the highs and lows and a look at how the emergence of female farmers across the globe.

HOST | Alice Underdown, Garage Coffee / Kent Coffee Festival
Jessie May Peters, Raw Material


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day three

10:30 | Panel debate: Customer service during a pandemic. The ups & downs of the last 12 months

A panel discussion between retail and online professionals who have manage to keep their businesses going during a pandemic, and deliver great service in light of all the challenges faced.

HOST | Luke Underdown, Garage Coffee / Kent Coffee Festival
Jon butt, Founder, Blue Box Coffee
Louis Hurst, Hathats Coffee
George Shutt, Coffee Development Manager, Harris + Hoole

11:30 | Interview: Working in coffee – a career in speciality coffee

Dan Harvey, La Marzocco
David Leeper, 65mm Coffee / Cast Iron Roasters
Tom Denning, Skinny Dip Coffee

12:30 | Focus on speciality: the impact of COVID-19 on farmers and route ahead

James Wilkinson, Co-owner, Omwani Coffee

13:30 | Panel Discussion: The 'Garden of England' understanding the importance of local produce in kent

A panel discussion about Kent and why local is so important. A look at how accessible local produce is and how can consumers and businesses alike integrate it into their day-to-day lives.

HOST | Luke Underdown, Garage Coffee / Kent Coffee Festival
Shane Godwin, Managing Director, Macknade Fine Foods
Matt Sworder, Chef Restaurateur, The Corner House Restaurants
Floortje Hoette, Chief Executive, Produced in Kent

14:30 | good coffee doing good

Roy Laming, Founder & Lead Adviser, Community Café Adviser


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