Gear yourselves up for some real show stoppers! 

Whether you’re a dreamy rosetta fan, love the perfect symmetry of a tulip or just enjoy the satisfaction of a perfect milky pour, this is the hangout for you.

latte art zone


We are buzzing to be bringing you Kent’s very own Roaster Zone!

There will be stand out single origins, there will be perfect blends, there will be more free samples than you can shake your beans at.

Roasters will be showcasing some of their most exquisitely unique coffees, as well as some much loved favourites.

As well as brewing up for you there and then, you will also be able to pick up bags of your favourites to take home and enjoy too.

coffee roaster zone


Are you a coffee shop owner wanting to know the secrets of how to successfully launch your second or third site?

A diehard coffee buff who would love to step into the industry for the first time? Or are you keen to hear about the women trailblazing their way through an admittedly male dominated sector?

We will be serving up a programme of lively talks and interviews on these topics and many more that will intrigue both industry insiders and caffeine heads alike.

View the 2021 programme here.



In addition to our coffee centred zones, we will be showcasing a load of specialists who have products that perfectly compliment coffee lifestyle.

Whether that’s green coffee suppliers, water filtration systems, the latest soft drinks to refresh your palette or the coolest of home brew accessories, you will undoubtedly love browsing.



A showcase for the finest filter coffee Kent has to offer! Our filter bar will be hosting some of our favourite roasters over the weekend, who will be showing off some of their best filter roasts on batch brew and pourover.

filter bar


Escape the hubbub of the festival and take a sweet moment in our Espresso Martini Bar.

Set slightly away from the main action, this will be THE place to bring your pals. Lo-fi sounds to accompany.

espresso martini bar