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Let's get to know the La Marzocco home range

As the concept of mindfulness and enjoying our downtime grows more precious, so does our desire to create more meaningful experiences in our everyday lives. One simple way that people are beginning to do this is through their coffee routine. While many people enjoy automated coffee machines at home, the experience has become increasingly passive and impersonal. There has become a desire to be in control on the brewing process, to fully appreciate the art of coffee. This is where La Marzocco thrive. The La Marzocco Home range seeks to bring back immersion and artistry within the home coffee experience and take your coffee routine to the next level. For nearly 100 years, La Marzocco has been creating iconic espresso machines that are loved by your favourite cafes and baristas around the world, now the same experience can be enjoyed at home with the creation of the La Marzocco Home range.

The Linea Mini makes you the curator of your own coffee experience by giving you control over every aspect of your coffee. Taking technological advances from La Marzocco’s iconic and much-loved Linea Classic, the Linea Mini is designed specifically for the home barista. In this way, it offers professional grade performance with a dual boiler, a hidden water reservoir and powerful steaming but all in a more compact, kitchen-friendly size, making it the perfect addition to your home.

The GS3 is the ultimate espresso machine for coffee enthusiasts. The GS3 AV allows you to control the extraction and pre-infusion temperature and the dispensing volumes to obtain uniformity in each extraction with the push of button. The GS3 MP allows for an extra level of control, manually controlling pre-infusion and dispensing volumes with the Extraction Lever to control extraction in real time.

Both the GS3 and Linea Mini come with the La Marzocco Home app built-in, connecting the home barista to their machine like never before. When using the app, you have complete control of your coffee process, adjusting the temperature controls, pre-brewing and controlling on/off activations to ensure that the perfect cup of coffee is waiting for you at the click of your phone.

The Swift Mini is the latest creation by La Marzocco Home, simplifying the process of preparing your coffee. The Swift Mini grinds, doses and tamps your coffee with the touch of button, with no mess and no wasted coffee. It’s the perfect companion to the Linea Mini or for anyone looking to upgrade their coffee setup with dream home grinder.

Every La Marzocco Home innovation is handmade in Florence, Italy and comes with access to tutorials, FAQs and tips and tricks to help you brew the best cup of espresso.

Ready to find out more?

They'll be at Kent Coffee Festival 2021 THIS weekend (28 & 29 August)!


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