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When it comes to water treatment for your coffee machine, don’t take the risk!

In the UK we drink an astounding 70 million cups of coffee every day. To keep delivering the very best coffee, it is important those hard-working coffee machines have access to the very best optimised water. This not only helps to enhance each cup of coffee you produce, but also keeps your coffee machines running smoothly for longer.

BWT’s bestmax water treatment solution

BWT bestmax is the simple and practical all-​round treatment solution specifically developed for the hospitality industry. It is ideal for protecting coffee machines and providing optimal steam for ovens and combination steamers. BWT bestmax treatment cartridges are equipped with patented high efficiency technology for outstanding results in a wide variety of applications. This includes optimised flow path, high-performance filter media, activated carbon fleece for chlorine removal and an optimum contact time. The results are impressive and bestmax treatment cartridges deliver extraordinarily high capacities. In practice, this means you can make a large number of coffees, bake a lot of croissants and prepare plenty of delicious meals in your machines before you need to think about replacing the cartridge.

Add BWT’s Magnesium for extra delicious taste with the same reliable protection

A BWT bestmax PREMIUM cartridge is perfect for refining local tap water to produce gourmet water that is enhanced for making hot beverages such as coffee, espresso and tea. The modular multi-stage filter uses patented BWT Magnesium Technology, which also mineralises the filtrate with magnesium. The bestmax premium cartridge guarantees high quality in both the water and the products made from it.

A bestmax premium cartridge uses a five-stage filtration process to remove unwanted elements from your water that can distort the taste and damage your equipment, whilst also exchanging calcium for magnesium via an ion exchanger.

What is the 5-stage filtration process?

1) Pre-​filtration for particles i.e. sand or rust.

2) Activated carbon pre-​filtration to protect the ion exchanger against premature aging.

3) High-performance ion exchanger for efficient limescale protection. Replaces calcium with magnesium and removes hardening substances.

4) Activated carbon filtration reduces odour and substances (like chlorine) that give water an unpleasant taste.

5) Superior filtration technology reduces heavy metals and unwanted particles.

Both bestmax and bestmax PREMIUM cartridges will leave you with optimised water and re-balanced mineral content, helping to ensure all your catering equipment is protected against scale.

How can the bestmax water treatments benefit you?

It’s simple really! The bestmax produces ideal water for a large number of catering applications whilst also providing highly efficient and reliable limescale protection for coffee machines and appliances. All bestmax cartridges use a BWT besthead FLEX, providing compatibility with the full range of inline BWT filtration cartridges. This includes both bestmax and bestmax PREMIUM. Use the free BWT Best Water Professional App, to select the appropriate BWT treatment cartridge for your local water quality and application. Once installed, you will enjoy high quality, optimised water, enabling your equipment to deliver the best coffee or espresso to your discerning customers.

Easy to handle and replace, BWT’s bestmax treatment cartridges provide the very best service for your coffee machines. Choosing BWT as your Best Water partner means help and advice is never more than a click or call away. At BWT we will work with you to find a solution that’s right for you! To find out more about BWT’s water for coffee and how we can optimise the water in your business, send a message to our Water and More team on or alternatively visit our website.



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