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Chai Wallah Margate Interview

1. Tell us about Chai Wallah Margate? What is your role in the business? What industries do you work in? How long have you been involved in the coffee sector?

Chai Wallah Margate was born out of a love of green tea and a love of chai. Being unable to find one that suited my taste, I decided to create my own.

Having worked in cafes my entire working life, I know that tea is often overlooked when people are out and about. So, for me, it was equally important to make something that is as aesthetically beautiful as it is delicious in order to create an all round tea drinking experience.

2. What things do you enjoy most about the coffee industry? Any places you particularly like visiting?

I love the hustle and bustle of the service industry and the customer interaction of markets. I think my experience in customer service comes through as a direct seller, and my service industry experience allows me to support my wholesale customers to find a way of serving quality tea in a, sometimes, difficult environment.

3. Looking to the future, do you have any exciting new products/services your business will be launching? Any other plans? Have any of these been affected by COVID-19?

I’m currently working on expanding my product range to help people create their perfect cup of tea in the home. I’m also expanding my range of compostable teabags through feedback from wholesale customers. I’m continually changing and evolving and listening to my customer’s feedback.

4. What are you most looking forward to about the Kent Coffee Festival 2021?

I’m looking forward to being part of an evolving local tea/coffee scene and meeting lots of other local producers who all have real knowledge and passion for their products.

5. And finally, what is your favourite coffee?

Although I’m, obviously, more of a tea drinker – and my favourite tea definitely changes with the seasons. At the moment, it’s a lot of fruit teas that I tend to cold brew as they’re so refreshing.

I do drink coffee and tend to lean towards a single origin pour over/batch brew as I’m a purist and don’t add any milk/sugar so I find these brewing styles really enhance the tasting notes.

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